3 comments on “Easily Crafted Shelf Different Than The Others.

  1. This is a good post I was just thinking what you could use as shelves. I don’t have any crutches, but this is a cool way to make shelves. If I ever have crutches I’ll be sure to make shelves from what I read here. cs5711


  2. This is a great idea! I am always looking for shelves and bookcases to organize my stuff, but they aren’t always very cheap. There seems to be many crutches out there that are being sold very cheap or even given away so it would make a good option for people on a budget. I think the design is much more unique and interesting than regular shelves. cs5711


  3. The shelf looks great, though unless they were nonfunctional I would rather keep the crutches just in case I or anyone happened to need them, as rare of a case that might be. Still, I could see a symbolic use by recycling it into a shelf that had plants on them, as the owner no longer needed the crutch and its new purpose is to support other life.



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